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Shirodhara is the process of pouring either oil, milk or buttermilk from a bowl slightly above your forehead moving at a relaxing pace across your forehead.

According to Ayurveda, Shirodhara deeply relaxes the nervous system, lowers metabolism, integrates brain function and creates brain wave coherence and an alpha state. When the brain is under stress, cerebral circulation is compromised. As oil is poured on the forehead, the nervous system is deeply stilled. The brain waves slow down and become coherent. Once the brain is quieted, more life energy and oxygen and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain. The result: better brain function, mood stability and improved stress handling ability.

With each successive Shirodhara treatment, the mind systematically achieves an even deeper state of silence and more healing takes place. Regular treatments are said to increase blood circulation to the brain, improve memory, nourish the hair and scalp, encourage sound sleep and calm body and mind.

Shirodhara has been used to treat a variety of conditions including eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, greying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo, Ménière's disease and certain types of skin diseases like psoriasis

Shirodhara is not only a helpful treatment for many parts of the head, but for the mind. Practitioners of meditation had notice the increase of quality of their meditation when they receive shirodhara treatments for 7 to 21 consecutive days.

Suggestions for when coming to the Shirodhara treatment:
Come with your stomach half full
Wear comfortable and old clothes (they can be oiled)
Bring a towel to cover your head after the treatment (your senses may feel sensitive)
Prepare your agenda to relax after the treatment
For best results, book 7 consecutive days of massage. Ask me for your Panchakarma assessment.

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the needs of the client.
Cost per session: $90.00
Discounts are available for more than 2 treatments.

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