Sunday, 25 March 2012

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Massage

Abhaganya is all about oleation. Warm oil is poured over the body, and the body is stroked with specific movements to:
Soften the toxins in the tissues
Bring the toxins into the colon
Pacify the imbalanced dosha
Strengthen the body while it is in detox
Increase the softness of the skin and add luster to it, giving it a healthy glow
• Decrease Vatta
• Strengthen the Dhatus (the body`s tissues, in accordance with  the Ayurvedic texts)
• Increase strength and stamina
• Improve vision
                                                     • Promote healthy sleep

Abhaganya is a basic massage that helps nourish the body while releasing toxins. It is a very good massage to help strengthen the body. Remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body; it produces naturally occurring antidepressants, anti-cancer and anti-ageing substances, as well as hormones that enhance circulation. Ayurveda prescribes using the hands to massage the body with oil. The feeling of warm oils on the body has a very therapeutic effect, on physical and psychological levels, including the calming of the mind and nervous system.

Suggestions for when coming to an Abhaganya massage:
Come with your stomach half full
Wear comfortable and old clothes (they can be oiled)
Prepare your agenda to relax after the massage
For best results, book 7 consecutive days of massage. Ask me for your Panchakarma assessment.
Cost: $90.00 for 1 hour
We use organic and medicated oils.

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